Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quality? Inn Ormond Beach - continued

The issue is now resolved. A few phone calls to the hotel and a few e-mails later the general manager and her assistant reversed the charges. They have invited us back at a special rate for our next stay to ensure our satisfaction. After approximately 25 years of 'hoteling it' I've learned my lesson - take photos of everything upon check-in and take photos of everything just before you check out and scrutinize the bill carefully. Also, let the hotel staff know of _anything_ you're not happy with - no matter how trivial YOU think it might be.

We were almost the victims of someone else's carelessness but I'm glad it turned out in the fair and correct way.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quality? Inn Ormond Beach

So we're on vacation and check into a Quality Inn in Ormond Beach for 3 nights. Reserved it over the Internet no problem. We arrived early, prior to the standard 3PM checkin and we were told by SS that we were "way early"- it was obvious we knew that because I mentioned that we were early and just wanted to confirm the reservation but SS figured it must have been necessary to exaggerate the fact in a eye-rolling, nose raising sort of way. So I merely confirmed the reservation and we killed time until about 3PM. From that point on, the stay at the hotel was OK. The hotel was alright, a fair bit of exterior wear and tear but inside our room nothing out of the ordinary - at least nothing that we'd formally complain about.

Upon arrival we noticed the following: There was some frozen meat in the freezer - hot dogs I think - nothing that we'd consider eating. There were a couple of pamphlets - you know the tourist kind, stuffed in the top of a lamp. We easily removed them. There was food bits on the floor from the previous occupants and the room smelled of recently 'nuked' bacon. The stove top had bits of food on it but again, nothing that we'd formally complain about since we had no intention of using the stove anyway and we were only there for 3 nights. There was also a curtain holdback thing beside the patio doors that was broken off and sitting on the floor. The plumbing fixtures were a bit naff too - loose, dirty but again, we were there to swim in the ocean, walk on the beach, dine etc.

Other than that the room was fine. The continental breakfast was fine.

The view was great from room 401 as was the location. All in all a place I'd return to.

On day, after housekeeping had finished cleaning our room (we were out for most of the day) the towels and garbage sat in a chair outside our room for 24 hours until the next cleaning shift. The next day, we told housekeeping not to bother with a 'complete' clean but rather just take the garbage and replace the towels.

Upon checkout there was nobody around to do the honours. The breakfast attendant CG was able to check us out and was the friendliest staff member we'd met so far. Her hospitality skills were exceptional. Our bill was pretty standard, even with the additional room safe charge per day, but since we used the safe - no biggie.

A day later I get e-mailed a 'new' bill showing


For starters I'm thinking what? 'missing'? or 'damaged'. If it's missing - it's missing and unknown whether it is damaged or not. If it's damaged, it's still there and not missing. Which is it? and why, for the sake of humanity would I even bother to take one 'fitted sheet' ?

Obviously the hotel has mistakenly charged us for this and I have asked them as well as their head office for a reversal. I'll update this as I hear of more about this....