Saturday, March 27, 2010

Limmy's got Earth hour sorted

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British Breakfast and Pangaea's People Updated podcast schedule

  • 02:00 The British Breakfast - Latest
  • 05:00 Pangaea's People P-Z
  • 08:00 Pangaea's People 3-B
  • 12:00 The British Breakfast - Latest
  • 15:00 Pangaea's People G-O
  • 18:00 Pangaea's People P-Z
  • 22:00 The British Breakfast - Latest

    Updated podcast schedule on

    Check the schedule for the stream you want to listen to and tune in at that time (local times are Eastern).

    Please note: The Pangaea's People 8 AM show and The British Breakfast 3PM show are pre-empted every Saturday to allow for the archiving of the British Breakfast/Big Hair.

  • Saturday, March 13, 2010




    Friday, March 12, 2010

    podcast experiment...

    I've got a podcast experiment running on


    02:00The British Breakfast - Latest Show2 hours0700 h
    05:00The British Breakfast - Random Show2 hours1000 h
    08:00Pangaea's People - 3rd Eye...Frank~ 2 hours 30 minutes1300 h
    12:00The British Breakfast - Latest Show2 hours1700 h
    15:00The British Breakfast - Random Show2 hours2000 h
    18:00Pangaea's People Gary...Zaelon~2 hours 30 minutes2300 h
    22:00The British Breakfast - Random Show2 hours0300 h

    Please note: The Pangaea's People 8 AM show is pre-empted every Saturday to allow for the archiving of the British Breakfast.

    I forgot to run a command in the background - Cool trick

    I forgot to run a shell command in the background and I want to leave!

    Found a cool bash trick (amongst others) at this site

    So I run this command and I forgot to append the ampersand to background it.
    What do I do? Kill the job and start over? Not a great option if the command
    has already done a lot of work and you don't or can't have it start over.

    The first thing to do is to stop/suspend the job with control-Z
    Find out the pid of the stopped job then use the 'bg' command to send
    it to the background. Now use the 'disown' command with the -h flag.
    ie. disown -h pid