Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Naughty Step of Social Networking

I was given the naughty step on a Social Networking Site (SNS) after someone complained about a comment of mine in a thread.  The individual(s) was a member of a discussion group but was repeatedly hijacking a thread and the admin dropped the individual from the group after repeated attempts at derailing the group.   The individual was hurling insults, resorting to name calling and practically slagging everyone in the group.    Clearly, sour grapes where on the menu for the complainer and SNS  deleted an 'offending comment' I had made in the thread because it violated their T&Cs, but did not explain specifically what violated their T&Cs.  That's their right, but it would have been helpful for me to know.

This is nothing major as far as I'm concerned, but I am curious what exactly the following comment violated?

The SNS account shows as which seems to be a very unfinished account just a new one of 's I guess. Anyway, I had to go to my e-mail archives to fill in the blanks above. I'm reading the same troll-like, tone, intellect and playground name calling as The Plectrum from Outer Space ... are they in cahoots now?

I've been through the SNS's community standards and let me tell you, I am stretching to figure it out.

Was it that I mentioned a link to a SNS user, who was participating in a thread on SNS?

Was it that I mentioned their given name -the same one they use in their SNS account?

Was it that I expressed my opinion on the comments left by the individual?

I guess I'll never know...