Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook social feed info is, um, wrong.

So a FB friend of mine created a status, that according to FB, was about a Musician/Band that has a page on FB.   Other friends too were starting to post status updates about the same band.  Which of course leads me to focus on the band because I have never heard of them before and I value their opinions.   So, to make a long blog entry short...

It appears that a FB page can get more attention if people use ordinary words in their status updates.

Just because two ordinary words in their status updates ALMOST matched the name of the band, their posts get threaded and associated with something they never had any intention of mentioning or associating with.

Just sayin'

Monday, January 16, 2012

News Release: Sault College Continuing Education to Offer Music Programs

(Sault Ste. Marie, ON January 16, 2011) Sault College is introducing music programming for Winter 2012. Courses are being offered through the School of Continuing Education.

For those new to the music scene, Adam King will offer an introductory course in Acoustic Guitar. “This is a ‘learn to play’ opportunity,” states King. “The focus will be on learning the basic chords and patterns and upon completion of the 10-week course; students will be playing some of today’s most popular songs.”

Band without Audition, another course being offered, is a unique opportunity for musicians who have the basic ability to play an instrument. Students will participate in group practice, playing the instrument of their choice, guitar (bass and electric), keyboard or percussion.  During the 16 workshop-style sessions, students will have the opportunity to develop playing expertise as well as learn about the music industry.  The first 2 hours of each session will be dedicated to group practice led by an instructor as well as studying the “business of bands.” Each evening will end with the entire group participating in a jam session.

Leading the band course is Mike Case, a well- known musician and music instructor in the community.  Case is also a member of the Northern Ontario Country Music Hall of Fame and founder of Case Music and the Case All Stars. A slate of up to 4 musicians will be on hand to work with students in their various instrumental groups. There is the potential for one or more bands to evolve from the class that could then be involved in college activities on campus.

“We are gauging interest at this point, and seeing whether development of a full-time applied popular music program will be in the works for the future,” states Colin Kirkwood, Dean of Natural Environment, Business and Technology at Sault College. “We’re expecting to have a preliminary advisory meeting before the end of February to explore the possibilities.” The advisory committee will be drawn from a wide variety of people with expertise in the music industry to serve as resources to guide the possible program.

Introduction to Acoustic Guitar begins January 26.  Cost is $199.11. Band without Audition runs January 31 through March 22, on two evenings per week from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at a cost of $841.53. To register or find out more about these courses, please call Sault College at 705.759.6700 (option 3).


About Sault College
Sault College transforms the lives of students through providing innovative education and training, and granting Ontario College certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, graduate certificates, and degrees to its graduates. The College is the largest deliverer of apprenticeship training in all of Northern Ontario.   Maclean’s magazine has ranked the College at the top of the province in graduate satisfaction, with 85% of graduates saying that they were highly satisfied with their education at the College. Educating over 4,500 students each year, Sault College has a significant economic impact on the community, with spin-offs in excess of $100 million.  Over $2 million dollars in scholarships, bursaries and awards is distributed annually to students at the College.  Located on the border to the United States and situated in the middle of three of the largest great lakes on the planet, Sault College is one of 24 publicly-funded colleges in the province of Ontario. Nearly 85% of graduates are employed within six months of graduation. Visit our website at to learn more.

Please contact:
Tessa Pino, Communications Officer
Sault College
705.759.2554 ext. 2830

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Audiofumes LIVE podcast #5 2012-01-12

Tonight's show was great - thanks to everyone that tuned in and all the artists that made it a success!

Unfortunately, nobody won the free t-shirt during the show but that's OK I'll open the contest up to the first person that sends the correct answer to for the following question:

Who was the artist and the name of the song that I first played on the very first LIVE audiofumes podcast?

The answer is in this blog site so it shouldn't be too hard to find. HINT: the first LIVE podcast was on

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not only will you win a AudioFumes T-shirt but you'll also get a free track AND a signed e-card from Jason Jones of Driven Madness.

Here's a Vid by Driven Madness called 'Smile'

Also, here's the playlist for show #5  and if you missed the live show you can catch the repeat at

20:04 :: NW Outlaws - Cool Hippie Chick
20:08 :: Jane Silence - Break Easy (o3 Remix)
20:14 :: Vittorio Gerlini - Sensual
20:18 :: Foxman - Hard Times
20:21 :: Hollander Blue - Water Dance
20:25 :: Foxman - Hard Times
20:26 :: Instinctive Sounds/Elaine Frost - Equillibrium
20:28 :: Saved - Just Wanna thank You
20:35 :: The Silence - Great and Endless
20:43 :: Olga Mertsalova / Rui De Freitas - Light is Dancing
20:49 :: Social Deception - Don't you mind?
20:54 :: XEW / Lounge Lovers - Just Like the others (DJ Tweeek remix)
21:05 :: Paul Novak - Intimate Island
21:11 :: Nupachino - Please Stop The Rain
21:16 :: Mirokolica - Time 20:12
21:21 :: Throbbin Hoods - Theme Song
21:26 :: BeatMistressCait - Jake and Elwood
21:32 :: The Merricks - Moonshine
21:34 :: Corleone Montana - Chromed Out
21:38 :: Doc Quinn - Freddies Blues
21:44 :: Ill tone ft. MC Dosia, & Julie Webster - Time
21:46 :: Blue Yiperoo - Step Back to Move Forward
21:52 :: Breck Stewart/Jim Robson - Ecstasy In 24
21:58 :: Edge of Paradise - Mask
22:03 :: Resistance of Independant Music - Crimson Coma Butterflies
22:07 :: FREZZAS - Spice Of Eternity
22:12 :: Mucklers Circle - Behind Enemy Lines
22:18 :: The International Silver String Submarine Band - My Blue World (master mix 2)
22:22 :: The Julian Day - american pop (the wasteland)
22:28 :: Instinctive Sounds/Elaine Frost - BassInstinct
22:37 :: NW Outlaws - Forefathers

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Next Live Audiofumes Podcast - Jan 12/2012

Show number 5, and the first show of 2012 will be at 8PM EST.  I invite you to join me at for a couple hours (perhaps more) of indie music from around the world and a chance to win a Audiofumes T-shirt.

The artist roster for the show includes:

Two late additions:  Hollander Blue and The Merricks

BeatMistressCait,  Blue Yiperoo,  Breck Stewart and Jim Robson,
Corelone Montana,  Doc Quinn,  Edge of Paradise,
Instinctive Sounds with Elaine Frost, Foxman, Frezzas,
The International Silver String Submarine Band, Ill Tone
Jane Silence, Mirokolica, Mucklers Circle, Nupachino, Northwest Outlaws,
Mila Dream, Paul Novak, Resistance of Independent music,
Rui De Freitas/The Silence, Saved, Social Deception, Throbbin' Hoods,
Vittorio Gerlini, XEW

 Here's a video promo for the show

You can follow all of these artists on Twitter too ....  @FlexMontana @novakelton @nupachino @mirokolica @MistaBluesman @blueyiperoo @socialdeception @ill_tone @beatmistrescait @jimrobson @TheSilenceFlow @i3sb  @TheNWOutlaws @edgeofparadise1 @mucklerscircle
@janesilence @vittoroma @breck_stewart @novakelton @petra777 @instinctive111 @foxmanmusic @kriistalann @HollanderBlue @TheMerricks

Site address:  - click the Podcasts link

Or tune in to the stream live Thursday, January 12 at 8PM with iTunes, Windows Media Player  etc.

Direct stream link: