Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Audiofumes Podcast 'Holiday' Edition Dec. 15/2011

This week on the LIVE Audiofumes Podcast (aka the Paudiofumes Oddcast) I'm featuring a special holiday show with many talented indie artists from all over the world and even one or two songs that are actually based on a holiday to get us in the sprit!

Here's the actual playlist for the 8PM show tonight - the show will repeat at 9AM EST Friday.

20:02 :: Necrorder - Night Fear
20:08 :: mft1234 - Skip my roof Christmas Eve
20:10 :: 604-ToKaY - Pole Shift 2k12
20:18 :: mft1234 - Skip my roof Christmas Eve
20:18 :: The Global Twins - Infidel
20:26 :: Alex Jenkins - Crypt
20:35 :: The Global Twins - Infidel
20:35 :: The International Silver String Submarine Band - My Blue World (master mix 2)
20:40 :: Breck Stewart/Jim Robson - Ecstasy In 24
20:46 :: Aprox - Tissues and Candles
20:49 :: Sykotyk Rampage - Working Sweat
20:56 :: Roberta De Francia - Re-Action
21:01 :: Carlos Mongrut - Lost Soul
21:07 :: Astromancer - Across the Water
21:11 :: Rick Rousseau - Is it Farther to Chicago
21:16 :: Boo Boo Dan and the Loopadelics - Juhu B. Confused
21:22 :: Glen Thomas - Bullit Face
21:31 :: Elaine Frost - Electric Lust
21:37 :: SKySWiM - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
21:40 :: Necrorder - The Eating Game
21:46 :: Super Adventure Club - Hip Hop Hot Pot Noodle
21:49 :: Booger and the Gumdrops - Let your Love Shine Through
21:55 :: Lounge Lovers - Just Like the others (DJ Tweeek remix)
22:04 :: mft1234 - Christmas Song
22:07 :: CMongrooves - CGhostgrooves
22:12 :: DestinationDawn - Somewhere, Someday
22:18 :: EASE - U2B
22:22 :: CFS - back to 76
22:25 :: Gary Mackintosh - no Matter What
22:25 :: Gary Mackintosh - no Matter What
22:32 :: Frank Nose and Colin Hutson - Mr Muskgrave
22:44 :: David Wheeler - Up A Creek
22:50 :: Michael David Sherwood - Chime_Inn_master1
22:57 :: Super Adventure Club - Pick Up Stick

Artist roster for the Dec 15 show (not in playlist order).......

604 Tokay
Super Adventure Club
Carlos Mongrut
Mike Tompson
Breck Stewart
Gary Revel
Sykotyk Rampage
Xew / Lounge Lovers
The global Twins
International Silver String Submarine Band
Al Reilly's Catalyst
Boo Boo Dan/Loopadelics
Booger / gumbdrops
Chaotic Firing Squad
Chicago House DJ
David Wheeler
Destination Dawn
Frank Nose
Gary Mackintosh White
Michael David Sherwood
Roberta De Francia
Glen Thomas
Elaine Frost

So join me on Dec 15/2011 at 8PM Eastern Standard Time at http://audiofumes.ca for a cozy holiday "get together" sampling some of the best indie music there is.  This show is LIVE.

This will be the last show of 2011 but join me in 2012 for............Giveaways!!!

I still have bacon to give away and t-shirts.    The bacon will be the ready-cooked variety with a really good sell by date, and the t-shirts won't be from me cleaning out my wardrobe - they'll be NEW with a lovely Audiofumes logo :)

 Podcast link:  http://mmx2.homedns.org:8000/

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Audiofumes Podcast - Dec 8/2011

The show will go on despite despite a certain music site (echo-land or big-room-sound-country or  something like that)  erasing my show information that I tediously enter AND SAVE into the paudiofumes venue.  The Dec 1st and Dec 8th shows have been wiped from their site :(

Regardless, the show will be LIVE at 8PM EST on http://audiofumes.ca - click the Podcast link, then the M3U link to listen to the live stream.

In tonight's line-up I will be featuring a tribute to Throbbin Hoods  front man Mark Richards.

and I will also be playing these fine artists (not in playlist order):

XEW, Breck Stewart, 604-Tokay, Marco Maenza, Darren Worth, Claude Laurent, Rick Rousseau, SYRYNX, The Julian Day, Rene Saucier, Memphis , Nights, Gary Revel, PeteM, Que Anderson, Alex Final, Tompaz, FRITZ, TonyCc
Jane Silence, Frezzas, Still Life Telescope, Sykotyk Rampage, SYRYNX

This is the actual play list:  and if your were listening live-don't forget to guess the mystery artists for your free bacon!

20:04 :: Throbbin Hoods - Walkin' Around
20:08 :: Claude and Noella Larente - Mother Nature's Wrath
20:15 :: Rick Rousseau - If it Moves
20:19 :: SYRYNX - JustThink About It
20:21 :: the julian day - idolatry
20:25 :: XEW & The Lounge Lovers - Deep Sleep
20:32 :: Breck Stewart/604-ToKaY - Desert Breeze
20:37 :: Rene Saucier - Welcome Home
20:41 :: Marco Maenza - A Little Bit
20:48 :: MemphisNights - Beer Garden
20:52 :: Gary Revel - Hollywood Star
20:55 :: Darren Worth - In Your Time Of Need
21:01 :: Throbbin Hoods - Jesus was an Alien
21:05 :: Pete M - Shudda Stayed in bed
21:10 :: Que Anderson - This Is Love
21:19 :: Alex Final - Liz Bliss
21:26 :: Tompaz ft Crizze - FRAGILE SEED FT CRIZZE (MD 20
21:33 :: FRITZ - The Way We Were
21:36 :: Tony CC - Story Time
21:42 :: Jane Silence - Break Easy (o3 Remix)
21:50 :: FREZZAS - Bjlo An Erno
21:58 :: Still Life Telescope - Real fine Umbrella
22:04 :: Sykotyk Rampage - Candy Store Baby
22:12 :: SYRYNX - Another Life
22:18 :: Throbbin Hoods - Theme Song

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Audiofumes podcast Dec 1/2011 episode #2

The second LIVE podcast has just finished and I've got ideas for the next show.    This is getting to be quite fun and two hours is just too short :)

Thanks everyone who tunes in and thanks to all the artists that submitted songs for the show.

If you missed the live show, the repeat of this show will be available at http://audiofumes.ca - click on the Podcasts link for the schedule.

Here's the playlist for tonight show.

20:00 :: SYRYNX - Crawl Space
20:08 :: WORDSMYTH - Hold The Reins
20:12 :: The Julian Day - american pop (the wasteland)
20:17 :: Mucklers Circle - Behind Enemy Lines
20:23 :: Rick Rousseau - Shores of the Emerald City
20:28 :: CraigDeMaio - Parity Invariance
20:33 :: Foreshadow - The Meaning of Life
20:40 :: Neurotic November - Crack Couples Night Out
20:45 :: MonikaReeve - Stomp 76
20:48 :: Resistance of Independant Music - Crimson Coma Butterflies
20:53 :: Driven Madness - Too Big To Fail
20:58 :: David Wheeler - Fundamental Truth
21:02 :: FREZZAS - Spice Of Eternity
21:09 :: FAFNIRROCKSON - Opferanode
21:16 :: Fill The Silence - Push
21:20 :: Sykotyk Rampage - Little Crocochild
21:26 :: Alphanaut - More Than I Do
21:32 :: Edge of Paradise - Mask
21:37 :: VIVEYNNE - Sounds of Starlight
21:42 :: Mucklers Circle - Paradigm Suicide
21:47 :: Rick Rousseau - Bad Shrooms
21:52 :: Rod Fritz - Red Planet
21:57 :: Spank The Chemical Christians - String Theory
22:01 :: FREZZAS - Bjlo An Erno
22:08 :: Joe Gande and The Godsend Sessions - Just Because
22:12 :: SYRYNX - 6 Under

E-mail scams can be interesting

I often receive those e-mails where complete strangers for some reason have huge quantities of cash they want to give me.    Most of them are rather lame but this one caught my attention.   I've also included my unsent reply.

User (ml82.128.2.21.multilinks.com [] wrote:

I just got an information that you are dead. But i don't know how truth this is but you have to get back to me urgently if you are alive before your funds will be transfer to a wrong person.

Call me on my direct telephone number, 234-8080804988, if you are really alive otherwise you will miss this golden opportunity.

Rev, Justin Dasilver.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your e-mail.  As it happens I did die.  I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I never received your message until now.  You'll never believe how long it takes to get Internet here.

Wow, look at your message...check it out how my name no longer appears after  "Dear ,"  - that's freaky!

Hopefully, this e-mail will suffice because even though I still have my cell phone, the battery is still good but I've only got one bar.   I can't call out.  I don't know if it's my location or what - the cell service sucks here.  Maybe the carrier doesn't have a roaming agreement or something,  I don't know  :(

Did you just happen upon a winfall yourself Justin?  Justin Dasilver?  get it?  Justin Da Silver eh? no?    

Anyway, to the matter at hand...how much money are we talking about?   Will you be able to wire it to me?     I would first like to check the currency that they use here and determine what the conversion rate is - It might not be worth the bother.

On the other hand I could turn a tidy profit and I'd be more than willing to  share this with you 50-50 if you'd join me here.

See you soon.